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Scanspeak Classic D2008/8512

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19mm Fabric Dome Treble

D2008/8512 is a " coated textile domed tweeter with a very smooth response and wide dispersion. It features ferro fluid in the air gap for higher power handling and it's superb sound reproduction is detailed and very dynamic. The optimised double chamber design provides perfect tuning and damping, whilst the acoustic damping of the diaphragm surround, reduces distortion and stabilises the acoustic centre.

The D2008/8512 is one of Scanspeak's Classic treble units and has been used in the past, by many commerical manufacturers such as Linn, Naim and ProAc.

Technical Data:

Faceplate Diameter:    92mm

Sensitivity (2.83v/1m):   90dB

Nominal impedance:   8 ohm

Frequency range:   4-20kHz

Free air resonance:   800Hz

DC resistance (Re):   5.7 ohm

Voice coil inductance (Le):   0.07mH

Effective piston area (Sd):   3.8cm

Moving Mass (Md):   0.25g

Force factor (BL):   2.4Tm

Excursion (lin-max):   +/-0.7 - +/-1.2mm

Voice coil diameter:   19mm

Nominal power handling:   150w


Physical Sizes:

Faceplate diameter:   92mm

Overall depth (front of faceplate to rear of chamber):   41mm

Faceplate thickness:   3.5mm

Fixing holes:   3 x 5mm diameter on 82mm PCD

Rear chamber diameter:   69mm


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