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About Us

About Us


Wilmslow Audio was established 50 years ago with just one aim – To provide the music enthusiast with the best possible sound for the lowest price. This is still very much our goal, because unlike the majority of loudspeaker suppliers we don’t just sell the product:

  • We undertake all our own loudspeaker design
  • We are the sole manufacturer of our own loudspeakers
  • We are one of the largest UK distributors of high quality drive units
  • We offer a full range of loudspeaker kits, components and accessories.
  • We provide a complete loudspeaker repair service
  • We do not sell through other retail outlets, thus keeping the cost down

What does Wilmslow Audio supply?
We are a UK based company offering a range of high-end self-build kits and Fully built & Finished loudspeakers that will undoubtedly sound better than many commercially built speakers of similar price. In fact you would have to pay up to four times the price of our loudspeaker kits in order to obtain commercial loudspeakers that come anywhere near the sound quality that we achieve. We stock a vast range of components to enable true Hi-Fi enthusiasts to create their own loudspeaker design or to undertake any loudspeaker repair. We are also happy to share our knowledge and provide assistance on any loudspeaker design or loudspeaker repair project.

We offer a loudspeaker repair & upgrade service for your damaged and/or ageing loudspeakers. We can provide you with new and alternative replacement drive units for your beloved loudspeakers. This is usually a more economical way of maintaining the loudspeaker design and sound quality that you are familiar with and have enjoyed over the years.
As one of the largest distributors in the UK for drive units we sell from high-quality manufacturers such as Scanspeak, Volt, Monacor, Peerless,                Vifa,  Eton,  Fostex,  Fountek,  Jordan,  KEF, and Morel.

What is the benefit of building a loudspeaker kit ?
Simply – Quality, Price and a huge sense of achievement.

Or you could save even more money  by choosing to have the design of your choice fully built and finished  in a range of real wood veneers hand built in our workshop.

The majority of other loudspeaker systems use inexpensive drive units, resulting in mediocre speakers sounding muffled or lacking in detail and Bass response. We only use the highest quality units and components.

Remember: The most expensive part of many commercial loudspeakers is the cabinet and not the components that generate the sound quality. This is not so at Wilmslow Audio where we believe that the sound reproduced is the most important part of any loudspeaker system.