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Repair & Upgrade Service

Repair & Upgrade Service


We can offer to restore, renovate and repair your beloved, but perhaps ageing loudspeakers, bringing them back to their former glory. In our opinion, loudspeaker systems from the 1970's and 1980's still perform as well as today's commercial speakers, having a more natural, warm laid-back feel to their sound.

A common problem on some older drive units is the deterioration of the foam suspension surrounds. These can often be repaired with new surrounds or be replaced with new units that have similar sound characteristics. Replacement drive units can often improve the sound quality while retaining the overall tone and genre. Treble units in particular have improved dramatically over the years and by upgrading your old tweeters you will achieve better detail and smoothness. 

The gradual sound deterioration of your loudspeakers over a period of time may be due to the capacitors drying out, resulting in a lack of detail and definition, particularly in the treble and midrange sections. It is advisable to replace these with new capacitors of the same value, ensuring that the original crossover frequencies are not disturbed. Some manufacturers tend to use fairly basic electrolytic capacitors which sound ok, but can certainly be improved on. Where possible it is always beneficial to upgrade existing electrolytic capacitors with a better quality polypropylene capacitor of the same value. We would recommend our range of Jantzen Capacitors as these will dramatically improve the clarity, detail and dynamics of your loudspeaker.

If the treble units in you speakers are starting to sound dull and have lost there detail and clarity this could also be a sign that the ferrofluid has dried up. Ferrofluid typically needs to be replaced every 15-20 years and doing so will bring them back to life.  

If you are unsure or unable to tackle any upgrade yourself then just bring or send the loudspeakers to us and we will undertake the project for you, advising you of the costs prior to starting the work.


Repair services offered:

   -Crossover Servicing
   -Driver surround replacement
   -Ferrofluid replacement
   -Driver replacement
   -Grille recovering
   -Bespoke grille frames
   -Driver upgrades fitted


We are able to supply alternative replacement drive units for a wide range of loudspeakers and have listed below for your reference  some of the more popular models.  There are hundreds of other loudspeakers that we have replacements for, just contact us for help and advice.

Guide Prices

-Speaker service from £96 per pair + parts
-Driver surround replacement from £60 per unit
-Ferrofluid replacement from £30 per unit
-Grill recover from £40 per pair

A firm price will be given after a full assessment prior to the work being carried out.

6½" unit - use Monacor SPH-165

8" unit - use Monacor SPH-210

10" unit - use Monacor SPH-255 or Peerless 830668

12" unit - use Peerless 830699 or Monacor SPH-315


There are many different Castle loudspeaker models in existence and we do have replacements for most of them.

Here are some of the most common mid/bass units, but please contact us for tweeter recommendations and if your speaker is not included.

Severn :- Mid/bass use Monacor SPH-135/AD or SPH-135C

Severn 2 :- Bass - use Monacor SPH-5M or Eton 5-612

Avon :- Mid/bass - use Monacor SPH-165CP

Harlech :- Mid/bass - Monacor SPH-135/AD or SPH-135C

Kendal :- Mid/bass - Monacor SPH-135/AD or SPH-135C

Treble unit - use Visaton G 20 SC, Vifa D27TG-35 (upgrades available)

Midrange - Original refurbished Peerless KO40 available

Bass - use Monacor SPH-210

Treble - use Vifa D27TG-35 or Scanspeak D2608/9130 

Bass - use Vifa M21WG or Vifa P21WO

Foam grilles can be replaced with purpose built cloth cover wooden grille frames.

T27 treble - use Vifa D27TG-35, Scanspeak D2608/9130 or Scanspeak D2905/950000

T33 treble (as used in KEF 104/2) - Vifa DX25TG-59-04

B110 mid - use Wilmslow WA-B110 or Monacor SPH-135/AD

B200 bass - use Monacor SPH-210

Foam grilles can be replaced with purpose built cloth cover wooden grille frames.

Treble - use Scanspeak D2008

Midrange - use Wilmslow WA-B110 or Monacor SPH-135/AD

Bass - use Monacor SPH-210