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Our inspiration

Inspired by some of our earlier designs, this high end Concrete Bookshelf speaker combines the natural and detailed Scanspeak tweeter with the tight and accurate bass of the Monacor Bass-mid unit with its woven carbon fibre cone.  This compact loudspeaker will produce precise, accurate sound and is a delight to listen to. 

Why concrete

The weight and high density of this product makes it an ideal material for loudspeakers, and with nominal internal damping, cancelling all vibration resulting in no cabinet resonance.

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This speaker has been designed in collaboration with ‘Wild+Wood’. The cabinet is cast using ‘ECO concrete’ which has been developed with a reduced carbon footprint.   

ECO Concrete  

The CO2 produced in manufacturing a metric tonne of cement has been reduced by 95% and the amount of limestone quarried to produce it has dropped from 1.3 tonnes to zero. This is because it has been replaced by using an industrial byproduct.  All this while maintaining  the integrity and strength that is in keeping with regular concrete.

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Due to the manufacturing process every pair of speakers produced have their own individual look.  

The extent of the etched finish exposing more or less of the aggregate can be chosen by the customer when ordering. Also, with the pigments used these cabinets are offered in a light or darker finish

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The Process

Once the concrete has cured, the cabinet is stripped from the rubber mould and acid etched to achieve the desired texture. 

The cabinets are then finished with an acrylic sealant to prevent those unsightly stains when handling.