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WBT-0610Ag Banana Plugs (pair)

£80.00 ex VAT

£96.00  inc. VAT


 WBT-0610Ag Signature silver 4mm angled banana plug

The Signature nextgen signal conductor is delicately formed from pure silver, the electrical conductor with the absolute highest conductivity.

All WBT banana connectors are designed to fit tightly into any 4mm socket, ensuring a constant high contact pressure and uniformly low transition resistances. This is achieved by use of an expandable central spike which guarantees a firm position and permanent pressure.

The angled design has many benefits, allowing equipment to be set up more compactly, especially close to walls or wherever space is at a premium. The cable is lead directly to ground, so that it cannot be damaged through kinking

Cables sizes of up to 10mm (7AWG) can crimped into position using the relevant Torx screws, which run on special fine threads and maintain the applied pressure perfectly


* Pure silver signal conductor
* Massed reduced and drained nextgen principle
* Locking banana plug with expandable contact pin
* Compact and Cable friendly design
* Cables crimped into position using WBT double Torx screw system
* Perfect strain relief
* Safety pin fitted to prevent accidental insertion into power socket
* CE and IEC compliant

Plugs are supplied as a pair with red and white coding

Price is for pack of 2 plugs excluding VAT


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