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Volt VM527 Midrange Unit - 50mm Dome

£235.00 ex VAT

£282.00  inc. VAT


 52mm Soft Dome Midrange

The VM527 is a 2" (52mm) soft midrange dome unit which has been designed for a smooth extended response with minimal colouration and low distortion over the critical mid-band frequencies. The coated one piece fabric dome/surround is coupled with a lightweight Kapton/Nomex, single layer, round wire copper voice coil for accurate transient response.
An a FEA designed magnet system ensures linear coil movement even at high power levels. The magnet system develops high magnetic flux density due to its precise gap clearance enabling excellent heat dissipation for high power handling and efficiency.
Wide dispersion is controlled by the short, optimally angled front mounted horn flare which also incorporates the threaded fixing points for rear mounting. The termination braids are hidden inside the unit and are not visible, connection is by 6.4mm (0.25") spade terminals allowing soldering or push on receptacles.
The entire dome/coil assembly is built onto a replaceable ring that accurately self locates so allowing easy field replacement.


Technical Data:

Sensitivity (2.83v/1m):   91dB

Nominal impedance:   8 ohm

Nominal power handling:   75w

Frequency range:   500Hz - 4500Hz

Free air resonance:   502Hz

Effective piston area (Sd):   28.27cm

Excursion (lin-max):   1mm

Voice coil diameter:   52mm

Physical Sizes:

Baffle thickness of 18mm is required to ensure horn mouth sits flush

Fixing holes:  4 x 5.5mm diameter on 124.5mm PCD

Cutout diameter:   110mm


Price per single unit excluding VAT

Please note that Volt units are made to order - Delivery approximately 4 weeks.


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