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DOLCE, as the name suggests, has a sweet and mellow sound making it an ideal speaker for playing classical and voice based music. That's not say that it can't reproduce all types of music including rock and jazz, because it can with perfectly controlled ease. DOLCE is based on our WA-LS3 driver configuration and is not only a delight to listen to, but it's retro design makes it a unique addition to anyone's listening room.

In conclusion, DOLCE is an exceptionally high quality 2-way system, ideal for small to medium sized rooms and one of the most impressive designs that we have built to date.


Basic Kit includes:

Loudspeaker drive units
High-quality crossovers, custom designed for the DOLCE kit and built on high-grade PCBs
Gold-plated binding posts
Oxygen free copper cable
Damping materials
Gaskets or sealing strips for drive units
All fixing bolts and screws
Black acoustic foam outer cover
Fully detailed assembly instructions, including CAD cabinet drawings
Cabinets and additional options shown separately

Treble:                           Vifa D27TG-35-06
Bass-mid:                      Monacor SPH-135AD
Enclosure type:             2-way infinite baffle
Frequency response:   40Hz - 20kHz
Sensitivity (2.83v/1m):  89dB
Amp requirement:         30-100w
Impedance:                   8 ohm
Internal volume:             4 litres per speaker
Weight:                          12Kg per pair
Dimensions :                 380mm high x 230mm dia. top/bottom panels

To compliment the loudspeaker kits, we offer an ever-expanding range of cabinets.

The DOLCE cabinets are supplied in three different options as shown below, all are fully CNC machined and rebated from high grade MDF

Flat-pack option:

Cabinets supplied as a fully machined and rebated self-assembly MDF flat-pack, which means that the components all slot together very easily, just needing to be glued with the PVA wood adhesive that is provided. All the necessary holes and rebates for the drive units are pre-machined so you can assemble the cabinets without having any wood-work skills.

Flat pack option + painted ends

As above, but supplied with either gloss white or gloss black top and bottom panels. Please confirm your preference by email when placing your order.

Factory built option with painted ends

Cabinets are supplied fully assembled with white or black sprayed gloss painted top and bottom panels. The drive units, crossovers etc are factory fitted, eliminating the need for you to undertake any construction and ready to plug and play. Please confirm your paint finish preference by email when placing your order.

Price per pair 

Use the drop down box to chose your kit option. The options allow you to buy this loudspeaker kit with or without cabinets. Cabinets can be flat-packed or fully built as noted above.


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