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S/S Revelator 26W 8861T00 Diameter:260mm

£329.00 ex VAT

£394.80  inc. VAT


Hard Paper Cone Mid/Bass

The 26W 8861T00 produces a clean, dynamic sound with low distortion and a good transient response.

The ultra long throw voice coil uses aluminium wire wound onto a paper reinforced Kapton former along with Scanspeak's patent diecast aluminium chassis, allows the 26W to produce a bass response of unusual depth and precision.

Technical Data:

Frame diameter:    260mm

Sensitivity (2.83v/1m):   88.5dB

Nominal impedance:   8 ohm

Frequency range:   19Hz - 600Hz

Free air resonance:   19Hz

DC resistance (Re):   6.2 ohm

Voice coil inductance (Le):   0.35mH

Effective piston area (Sd):   320cm

Moving Mass (Md):   43.5g

Force factor (BL):   9.9Tm

Excursion (lin-max):   +/-9mm : +/-14mm

Qms:   5.2

Qes:   0.33

Qts:   0.31

Vas:   234L

Voice coil diameter:   50mm

Nominal power handling:   170w

Physical Sizes:

Frame diameter:   260mm

Overall depth (front of frame to rear of magnet):   135mm

Flange thickness:   9.3mm

Fixing holes:   7 x 5.2mm diameter on 247.5mm PCD

Cutout diameter:   230mm

Price per single unit excluding VAT


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