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Illuminator 18WU 8747T00 Diameter:184mm

£273.00 ex VAT

£327.60  inc. VAT


Aluminium Cone Mid/Bass

This Illuminator mid/bass unit utilises Scanspeak's patent anodised aluminium cone and compact under-hung Neodymium magnet system, producing a unit that offers an exceptionally long linear excursion and very high force factor.

The uniquely designed front flange is shaped to guide the airflow around the rear of the unit and along with the open diecast aluminium chassis, helps to produce a unit that is virtually compression free.

Technical Data:

Frame diameter:    184mm

Sensitivity (2.83v/1m):   85.5dB

Nominal impedance:   8 ohm

Frequency range:   36Hz - 4000Hz

Free air resonance:   36Hz

DC resistance (Re):   5.81 ohm

Voice coil inductance (Le):   0.6mH

Effective piston area (Sd):   154.0cm

Moving Mass (Md):   18g

Force factor (BL):   7.4Tm

Excursion (lin-max):   +/-9mm : +/-16mm

Qms:   3.72

Qes:   0.43

Qts:   0.38

Vas:   36.2L

Voice coil diameter:   42mm

Nominal power handling:   150w

Physical Sizes:

Frame diameter:   184mm

Overall depth (front of frame to rear of magnet):   105mm

Flange thickness:   7.5mm

Fixing holes:   6 x 4.2mm diameter on 172.5mm PCD (not equally spaced)

Cutout diameter:   160mm

Price per single unit excluding VAT


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