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Eikona 2 Fullrange Bookshelf Loudspeaker

This 7.8 Litre front ported speaker uses the Jordan Eikona 2 full-range unit and is based on their original reflex cabinet design. The cabinet is tuned to 50Hz and has -3dB point of 57Hz. The reproduction of all types of music is fast and balanced, giving maximum flat bass response with minimum enclosure size. 

It is possible to adjust the bass output by connecting a 2.4 Ohm resistor in series with the drive unit positive terminal and give a flatter response when the loudspeaker is away from walls.


Full-range unit:                        Jordan Eikona 2
Enclosure type:                   Reflex front ported
Frequency response:           50Hz - 20000Hz
Sensitivity (2.83v/1m):          86dB
Amp requirement::               30-100w
Impedance:                         6 ohm
Internal volume:                   7.8 litres per speaker
Weight::                             12Kg per pair
Dimensions (HxWxD):         276mm x 206mm x 226mm

Price per pair excluding VAT

To compliment the loudspeaker kits, we offer an ever-expanding range of cabinets.

The Eikona Reflex Bookshelf cabinets are supplied in four different options as shown below, all are fully CNC machined and rebated from 18mm  MDF.

Flat-pack option:

Cabinets supplied as a self-assembly flat-pack in either plain mdf or pre-veneered mdf of your choice. Both options are fully machined and rebated which means that the components all slot together very easily, just needing to be glued with the PVA wood adhesive that is provided. All the neccessary holes and rebates for the drive units are pre-machined so you can assemble the cabinets without having any wood-work skills.

Factory built option:

Cabinets are supplied fully assembled eliminating the need for you to undertake any construction. The plain mdf cabinets are supplied assembled but unfinished ready for you to apply your own paint finish and fit the drive units etc,.
The veneered cabinets are supplied assembled and lacquered to a furniture finish. We can fit all the drive units, crossovers etc,. to these veneered cabinets at no extra charge so your loudspeakers are fully built and ready to plug and play.

Price per pair excluding VAT

Use the drop down box to chose your kit option. The options allow you to buy this loudspeaker kit with or without cabinets. Cabinets can be flat-packed or fully built up, in plain unfinished mdf or veneered mdf


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