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Fountek Ribbon NeoPRO 5i Size:190x100mm

£395.00 ex VAT

£474.00  inc. VAT


Fountek Ribbon Tweeter

Key Features:

  • Extended frequency to 40Hz
  • High sensitivity - 100dB
  • High Power handling
  • 5" Enforced sandwich diaphragm
  • Low distortion, very fast transition
  • Built-in impedance convertor
  • Strong Neodymium magnet



Technical Data:

Faceplate Dimensions:    190mm x 100mm

Sensitivity (2.83v/1m):   100dB

Nominal impedance:   7 ohm

Frequency range:   850Hz - 40,000Hz

Recommended cut frequency:   1500Hz with 18dB slope

DC resistance (Re):   0.02 ohm

Effective ribbon area (Sd):   2175mm

Ribbon dimensions:   15mm x 145mm x 0.15mm

Ribbon weight:   88 milligrams

Weight:   2.84  kilogram

Physical Sizes:

Faceplate dimensions:   190mm x 100mm

Overall depth (front of faceplate to rear of chamber):   104mm

Faceplate thickness:   5mm

Fixing holes:   4 x 4.5mm diameter 

Rear chamber dimensions:   165mm x 84mm


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