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Concerto Upgrade Crossover with Mundorf Capacitors (pair)

£180.00 ex VAT

£216.00  inc. VAT

This upgraded crossover is designed to suit 3-way loudspeakers using combinations of KEF's T27, B110 and B139 units. These include the KEF Concerto, Kefkit 3 and Wireless World Transmission Line as well as many more.

This upgrade will enhance your existing loudspeakers providing a more open midrange, and improve the detail within the top frequencies. You will also notice that the bass response gives the impression of being tighter without destroying the original warmth for which the B139 is renowned.

This new crossover is larger than the original DN12 crossover and is connected via screw terminals and therefore does not use the existing edge connector. These crossovers are supplied fully built, including short lead out cables and connectors, making fitting simple and easy with no soldering required.

Price is for a pair of crossovers excluding vat

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