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WBT-0710Ag Pole Terminal (pair)

£105.00 ex VAT

£126.00  inc. VAT


WBT-0710Ag Signature nextgen platinum plated pole speaker terminal

Nextgen has all the standard features of other WBT pole terminals, but only an x-ray photograph can reveal it's innovative construction, featuring a novel and perfectly shaped signal conductor embedded in a matrix of glass fibre and mineral reinforced plastic.
It's mass is reduced to a minimum and is made from fine silver.
An additional elastomer damping ring keeps oscillations away from the contact level and an anti-magnetic stainless steel strut provides for extra strain relief inside the terminal

The inner connection is designed for direct soldering or clipping on a flat cable shoe using 6.3mm push on connectors.


* Completely new innovative construction
* Minimalistic signal conductor made from fine silver
* Accepts banana plugs, spades or crimped cable ends (4mm/11AWG)
* Fully insulated, CE and IEC conformable
* Twist-proof mounting
* Puzzle plate mounting system

Posts are supplied as a pair with a red and white coding washer and puzzle plate

Price is for a pack of 2 terminals excluding VAT


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